Is Valorant down? How to check Valorant server status



At least one server problem guarantees that the problem is not you.

Riot Games provides excellent support for Valorant with regular patches to keep the game up to date. However, things don’t always work smoothly, and this latest patch rollout (5.03) hasn’t gone smoothly. Here’s what you need to know about if Valorant is down and how to check server status to see if game is down.

Is Valorant down? Answered

No, Valorant’s servers are no longer down following the issues that plagued the game yesterday.

For those unaware, the servers were partially down after Riot Games disabled the competitive queue. This follows the rollout of patch 5.03, which added an unexpected exploit added to the game that allowed players to become invulnerable to flashes by changing a single setting in the menu. This was noticed by several players and reported to Riot Games, who in turn have now disabled the competition.

Where to check Valorant server status

Your first stop when it comes to confirming the current status of Valorant servers should be the Riot Games status page. Here you can see messages for all known open issues, and there is also a button for “recently closed” issues which will tell you if/when recent issues have been fixed.

The second best place to look is to simply go to Riot Games’ Valorant Twitter channel, which always relays important information such as server status.

You can also head to Down Detector. Since this site does not rely on Riot Games to recognize an issue and instead collects player reports, you can sometimes get a more accurate read on whether or not an issue is affecting you.

That’s all you need to know about how to check Valorant server status to see if the game is down. Be sure to stick around as we bring you more information on possible widespread issues. For now, check out the links below to see one of our recent Valorant coverage.


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