Is CS:GO down? Here’s how to check CS:GO server status


If you were looking to get into a quick game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveyou may have to wait a bit as it appears that there are currently server issues plaguing the game. However, if you are looking to stay on top of this so you know when you can return to another game with your friends, you won’t need to dig much with us.

We’ve got you covered with a few different ways to check the server status for Counter-Strike, so let’s get right into the details, so you know when you’re ready to dust some enemies again.

How do I know if CS:GO servers are down?

You’ll want to start by checking out different websitessuch as,, Where csgodatabase.comwhich will offer detailed reports on what’s going on with the status of that game. Currently, visiting any of these sites, you’ll quickly notice the number of reports that players are having trouble logging into the game, or even to go anywhere with.

You can also check different Twitter feedsas main CS:GO Twitter Page doesn’t seem to offer much in terms of how their servers are currently running. Many different gamers are speaking out on Twitter about server issues, so you might have the best chance of finding out what’s going on with your favorite game right now. Using another account, such as @servicesdown_ will also allow you to let other players know that you are having trouble.

You can also keep checking by trying to connection to play, but it seems to be one of the most frustrating options available, especially if you’re ready to start playing. However, once the servers are back online, you’ll probably find out sooner than ever by following these links!

There you have it, the best and easiest ways to check and see if you’re having a problem logging into your favorite game! Be sure to check out our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive section, where we cover everything from recent patch notes to added and removed features from the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available on PC.


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