Investors jostle to join latest BUSDX think tank doubling market cap in 72 hours


DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, March 19, 2022 / — Thought tokens like safemoon and evergrow have taken the internet by storm in 2021, aiding the massive growth seen in the defi space, investors are still at on the lookout for the latest opportunities and want to be part of the next viral cryptocurrency that can help them make massive gains.

BUSDX saw its value double in 72 hours as investors rush to join the token amid a set of utilities released by the team and news of the highly anticipated XPAY virtual payment system that will allow its holders to spend BUSD online and in-store.

What is a reflection token?

A reflection is a term used to describe a passive income mechanism provided by a token contract. For example, with BUSDX, 10% of every buy and sell transaction is redistributed to its holders and automatically paid into a BUSD cryptocurrency wallet which is pegged to the dollar, 1 BUSD is worth $1 regardless of volatility steps. The higher the volume, the greater the rewards for holders, BUSDX has one of the highest think rates of all think tokens and creates several utilities to increase daily volume.

What utilities does BUSDX offer?

The Xpad IoT Launch Keyboard

The xPad is an IoT launch pad focused on quality projects with high potential. The presale token must comply with xpad’s strict requirements set by its partners to be accepted and listed.

Unlike other IoT launchpads, xPad does not require an initial sharing of project tokens, which is an added selling point for new projects. The IDO process itself is limited to $BUSDX holders and to participate you must stake tokens on a tiered system.
Tiers are based on the amount of $BUSDX held, holders of higher tiers allow a higher maximum contribution to the project. There are a total of four tiers, which cater to participants with varying levels of liquidity.

Although the xPad platform aims to work with many projects, a thorough auditing process still applies. Several new partnerships have been formed to ensure that potential projects are properly screened and authenticated before being accepted. Indeed, projects must be certified by BUSDX partners before being accepted.

This verification process ensures that BUSDX investors and contributors stay safe and are exposed to minimal risk of scams and sweepstakes when contributing to a cryptocurrency presale.

However, like everything, investing in a startup comes with inherent risk, investors should always remain cautious and research any new DeFi tokens before investing.

With smart contract auditing and KYC verification, investors can have more confidence that their funds are being invested in a genuine project that could have a very bright future ahead of it.

The xpad was launched in December 2021 and has already launched a number of projects on its platform.

Staking Rewards! 50% APY for staking plus 10% volume reflections

Staking involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain or project. Simply put, staking is the act of locking up cryptocurrencies to receive rewards or privileges. Generally, staking is normally required for a long period of time before the cryptocurrency can be unlocked. BUSDX has also stepped aside here and will not require BUSDX to be staked for an extended period of time to allow the holder to enter the IoT presale, this will help build volume for the native token during the presales with many new holders acquiring BUSDX just to participate in the launch. BUSDX has one of the highest APYs in the market, with holders enjoying a 50% APY on their staked tokens, holders who hand over their rewards weekly will see an astonishing 64.47 APY over a 12 month period, BUSDX holders also receive their 10% think rewards on top of their staking rewards. For more information on BUSDX staking, please visit

NFT Platform

BUSDX has developed a unique NFT platform (XNFT) that provides creators with accessible and secure tools. Turn your ideas into NFT! BUSDX uses a decentralized network to connect creators, artists and investors. The BUSDX token powers the platform. It is the default currency used to buy and sell NFTs

XPAY Virtual Payment System – Release Imminent

BusdXpay is a virtual payment service that will allow you to make daily in-store and online purchases with your BUSD. Xpay users will need to hold a specified amount of BUSDX tokens to access a set amount of BUSD with the Xpay system. The more BUSDX you hold, the more BUSD you can spend.

BusdXpay provides merchants and customers with a new set of decentralized payment standards and protocols designed to enable direct payment of the BUSD stablecoin, at the point of sale (POS) and online. With the use of BusdXpay’s iOS and Android app, customers can quickly and easily make purchases with their BUSD. Customers can use BusdXpay while keeping their assets on the decentralized exchange. The launch of the new BUSDX application is scheduled for March 28, 2022.

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