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Chiaotzu Inu ($CHIAO) is a multi-chain cryptocurrency and NFT asset, with a growing set of DeFi Tools and an original range P2E games, starting with Chiao Fly, an incredibly challenging and addictive game!

First of all, let’s be perfectly clear, Chiao Force does not believe in presales, private sales, IDOs, ICOs or team tokens. We believe these fundraising schemes are contrary to the spirit of decentralized finance (DeFi) and result in substantial centralization and insider advantage. These tactics are unhealthy and create systemic risk, negatively impacting price action and adoption, at the expense of the average holder. $CHIAO wants to create a level playing field for all members of the community, promoting fairness and transparency, and rewarding long-term ownership and participation, which is why the token’s launch time will be announced in advance, with all relevant details provided in advance. The team and early supporters will purchase all of their tokens at launch, on the open market.

Now that we understand the Chiao Force method, let’s talk about the advanced technologies and incentives built right into the $CHIAO token. Chiao Force has built the smart contract in a way that will lead us directly to a bright and vibrant MemeFi ecosystem with exceptional growth potential like no other.

The future of cryptocurrency assets is multi-chain.

2021 has seen the rise of new smart contract platforms, particularly Ethereum-enabled Layer 1 (L1) blockchains, sidechains, and Layer 2 scaling solutions. The crypto community has embraced the new possibilities offered by the multi-chain world, and an increasing number of crypto assets have gone multi-chain, reaping significant benefits in the process. However, a multi-chain asset requires an effective bridging solution. The Chiao team assessed the severity of the bridge issues faced by many projects – including high-level memecoins – and came up with a custom bridge specifically designed and implemented on our platform to enable a truly seamless experience and flawless, which is proof of the future! With Chiao Bridge, you’ll enjoy an improved UX with fewer clicks, dramatically lower costs, and simple, fast, and reliable automated processes.

$CHIAO Token Deployment and Launch Strategy

The $CHIAO ERC-20 smart contract will first roll out to the network a full week before being opened for trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Chiao Force proves how seriously they take this project by prioritizing the Ethereum chain first before launching on other chains and using the high liquidity that comes with the vibrant community of coin enthusiasts who primarily trade within the Ethereum ecosystem. A significant portion of the total supply will then be matched several days later to create pools of liquidity on two of the most popular and fastest growing EVM-enabled Layer 1 chains – Binance Smart Chain (BSC; $BNB) and Fantom Opera ($FTM).

Immediately after the mainnet contract rolls out, Chiao Force will match 75% of total $CHIAO supply to $ETH, lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to Unicrypt for 1 year, and lock the remaining 25% reserved tokens to pre-planned. Layer 2 bridges and CEX lists. That’s already well above the norm for a DEX roster, but Chiao Force is absolutely ready to take it to the next level. All of the above will comfortably stay on the blockchain for a full week from the day the smart contract rolls out to Ethereum — before trading is enabled at the smart contract level!

Before the $CHIAO smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and verified on Etherscan, it will have been audited by not one, but two reputable auditing companies, including industry leader CertiK (https://chiao .io/certik) and Techrate ( Unlike the vast majority of meme tokens, including the current $1 billion market caps, $CHIAO has taken this crucial step in advance to protect community members. In a world of scams, rug pulls and “stealth launches” designed to bring huge instant profits to insiders, $CHIAO is here for you!

$CHIAO — Why usd Buy it!

The $CHIAO token contract incorporates state-of-the-art functionality and tokenomics designed to address most common issues with community token DEX listings, such as sniper bots buying first and emptying later. true holders, whales taking excessive positions and front-runner robots that all allow them to easily manipulate the market and capture rewards at the expense of the true holder. The antibot mechanisms of the $CHIAO token also ensure proper funding for the development and promotion of the Chiaotzu Inu universe within the metaverse. Before buying $CHIAO tokens and joining the Chiao Force Wolf Pack, we recommend reading the detailed tokenomics in the whitepaper:

Chiao Force consists of a very talented team of crypto developers, game designers, artists and marketers whose high-level skills and deep expertise in the cryptocurrency field have worked in mode stealth for many months before unveiling the key elements of the $CHIAOverse.


Chiatozu Inu’s ambitious roadmap includes extensive international promotional campaigns, both online and in physical media such as electronic billboards, advertisements and traditional billboards to raise awareness of the $CHIAO token, our games , our tools and our staking platform.

$CHIAO intends to set new standards of transparency and decentralization for memecoins, with a 100% fair launch and tokenomics designed to benefit project holders and supporters, rather than whales and fins.

Stay tuned for our other articles detailing various aspects of the CHIAOverse, including our rollout to other channels, our Utility NFT collection, contests and games, and more.

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