How would you rate President Biden’s first year in office?


President Joe Biden has been in office for a year now.

Many Americans are unhappy with his presidency. His polls aren’t too good.

But others remain strong supporters.

We want to know what you think. How did President Biden perform in his first year in office? If you voted for President Biden, are you happy with your choice?

Send your answer (50 words maximum) to [email protected] before Wednesday, January 26. You can also send your response to the Texarkana Gazette’s Friday poll to PO Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504 or drop it off at our office, 101 E. Broad St, Texarkana, Ark. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will publish as many responses as possible in next Friday’s paper.

Last week: hard to find?

Last week’s question was about shortages on retailer shelves. Have you found any hard-to-find items in Texarkana stores lately?

There has been a shortage of chicken wings for months. I guess restaurants pay grocery stores a pretty penny to stock up first, before regular customers. Also, shortage of frozen onion rings and Rice Krispies cereal. — RK, Texarkana, TX


– Saltines are hard to find.

– I’m not in Texarkana but recently tried to purchase our dog food, via online tractor supply. It was not available for pickup until today. I called to cancel it and the nearest store that had it was Atlanta TX. I was at De Queen AR. But lives in Little River County. I ended up going with another brand they can eat, it was higher. I would have spent more to drive to Atlanta and back.

– It took a whole week after testing positive for my prescription to be cvs ready.

– I work at Dollar General and we have trouble storing ibuprofen, saltine crackers, Frito fries, motor oil, toys, cake mixes, eggs, and nasal sprays. When we get these things off the shelf, people tend to buy them all at once out of fear. A local doctor told us just before the surge hit that it was about to hit our community and we stocked up on supplies that the store will use to clean and disinfect, thank goodness. It happened as she said too. My store was lucky and I alone was amazed! Not all stores are so lucky. Some are hit and he slowly makes his rounds through the entire crew.

– Lunchables, Fritos, pineapple juice

– WalMart in Texarkana AR was almost an empty shelf of NyQuil med

– Milk and my normal dog food

– Pineapple juice, paper plates, vitamin C and Red Bull lol

– Small purple polka dots

– Deans French Onion and Ranch Dip, apple juice!

– Salty crackers and chicken

– And you think it’s caused by the omicron? Why was everyone understaffed and had empty shelves before it was the omicron? Businesses had to cut hours, close more days and raise prices and had empty shelves before they called it the omicron.

– Unable to obtain prescription drugs. They say it’s out of stock. A week of waiting so far. It is a commonly used drug. A word of advice, don’t wait until you’ve completely run out of medicine before refueling. The pharmacy may not have it.

– If all stores set a limit per customer per visit, panic buying wouldn’t be such a big issue!

– Valentine’s candies are readily available.

– The meat is super expensive, especially the bacon. Admittedly, the breads are out of stock. Walmart and the roadrunner on Kings Highway are completely out of Red Bull.

– Definitely chicken and saltines.

– Saltines and pasta.


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