How to Install Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) in Windows 11


Microsoft doesn’t give you a download link to install RSAT for Windows 11…but that’s because it’s all in the default OS.

If you’re a Windows server administrator, you’re no stranger to Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). But if you quit Windows 10 and upgrade to Windows 11, you might have noticed that there is no option to download RSAT for your new OS on Microsoft’s website. Indeed, you can install these tools from Windows 11.

Here’s how to install RSAT from Windows 11.

How to Install RSAT in Windows 11

The easiest way to install RSAT is through Windows 11 settings, so right-click on the Windows and choose Settings. From there, select apps so what Optional Features.

The app settings page in Windows 11 showing several available options.

On the Add an optional feature option (the first on the page), click the icon View Features on the right to bring up a pop-up window for installing RSAT features.

Application Settings Optional Features page showing options for

To find the tools you need, type RSAT in the search box at the top. You will then see a list of RSAT features that you can install on your computer. Check those you want then click following.

Choose the RSAT features to install.

Next, check the RSAT features you want to install and click To install.

Installation of selected RSAT features.

The pop-up window will close and you can see the feature download progress in the Recent actions section.

Download the progression of an RSAT function.

You can see all the RSAT features you have installed by right-clicking To start up and choose Windows terminal (administrator) to open the Windows Terminal app. You will get a prompt from UAC and you need to click Yes to let the app make changes to your PC.


Next, copy and paste the command below into the windows terminal and press the Enter key.

Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Select-Object -Property DisplayName, State

Once the command is executed, you will see the list of all RSAT features and their status.

Using the Windows terminal to view the list of installed RSAT features.

How to Uninstall RSAT Features in Windows 11

You can uninstall RSAT features by navigating to the Optional Features page in settings. Scroll to Installed Features section, select the feature you want to uninstall, then click the Uninstall button.

Uninstalling an RSAT tool.

Enjoy the Best Admin Experience with RSAT in Windows 11

Microsoft has designed remote server administration tools to improve the server administration experience. And in Windows 11, you can install them without having to download the standalone version. Fortunately, installing and uninstalling RSAT in Windows 11 is easy.


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