How to Get Free Bundles in Free Fire MAX (Indian Server)


The bundle rewards in Free Fire MAX and Free Fire have long been highly sought after collectibles. The majority of players who like to spend diamonds, the in-game currency, in Garena Free Fire MAX often add the very rare costume packs to the top of their in-game shopping list.

However, due to the high prices of most character bundles in the game, many users who cannot spend diamonds miss the chance to collect them. Thus, many players often indulge in acquiring in-game currency through diamond generators, which often leads to fraud.

The game offers multiple ways to claim costume bundles including through Lucky Royale, Refills, Collaborations, Themed Events, Dedicated Store Section, Magic Cube Redemptions, Guild Rewards, and many more.

Although the majority of the methods involve trading with diamonds, users can try the following methods to collect lots for free.

How Garena Free Fire MAX Players Can Grab Costume Packs From Indian Server For Free (May 2022)

1) Gold Royale provides outfits for free

Apart from Diamonds, Gold is another embodiment of in-game transactions. Thus, users can opt for Gold Royale to acquire outfits and the major costume bundle in the prize pool without spending real money.

Players can also earn in-game gold through daily tasks, events, matches, and more. Acquiring gold is an easy but time consuming task. Still, it’s a surefire way to unlock various outfits and even complete full costume sets.

Additionally, players can also collect Diamond Royale or Gold Royale coupons in Free Fire MAX to unlock character bundles or outfits from the respective sections of the game without spending Diamonds or Gold.

2) Garena Redemption Website and Booyah App

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Booyah is the name of Garena’s entertainment app that features content from famous fans and streamers. Players can log in using their game accounts and reach a certain level of watch time to get different rewards.

Similarly, the Garena’s Redemption website grants free permanent or temporary rewards after players have redeemed 16 or 12 character codes (capital letters or numbers). Like the Booyah app, the Rewards Redemption site also offers a series of collectibles.

Chances are that the free reward from the Booyah app or the Redemption site could be a set of costumes. So players can keep trying their luck.

3) Collect the diamonds for free

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This way to get bundles for free in Free Fire MAX involves collecting diamonds without paying real currency. Legit ways to get free diamonds are through GPT apps (GPT means get paid) like Google Opinion Rewards, PollPe, SwagBucks, Easy Rewards and Polly Pay.

Players can collect multiple gift cards or virtual currencies, including those used on Google Play Store apps. The tasks that need to be done to acquire the rewards through the GPT apps include completing surveys on several topics or answering quizzes.

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Some GPT apps also offer specific tasks such as watching videos, which can help users to purchase diamonds using the in-game recharge service. Therefore, one can unlock costume bundles featured in Top Events -up by purchasing diamonds with Google Play balance or gift cards.

Diamonds purchased can additionally be used to unlock other bundle rewards in Free Fire MAX. One can also acquire Magic Cubes in Free Fire MAX by using the free diamonds to unlock Magic Cube bundles in the dedicated section of the store.

There are other effective ways to collect diamonds in Garena Free Fire MAX without paying anything here.

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