How to Generate Stylish Free Fire MAX Guild Names for Indian Server


Guilds have become one of the most fun and engaging aspects of Free Fire MAX. Users can create their guilds or join an existing guild to enjoy and interact with other new players. They can additionally earn exciting rewards through login rewards, tournaments, and token exchange.

The majority of individuals on the Indian server want to be part of a guild that stands out and feels unique. Therefore, gamers usually look for ways to generate stylish Free Fire MAX guild names to make their guilds stand out from the rest.

Read carefully to find a detailed guide on the process of generating such fancy guild names.

Free Fire MAX Guide: How to Generate Stylish Guild Names for Indian Servers

FancyTextGuru is one of the websites players can use (Image via FancyTextGuru)
FancyTextGuru is one of the websites players can use (Image via FancyTextGuru)

In general, mobile device keyboards lack several stylish fonts and symbols. As a result, users will need to use various name generators available on the Internet to produce elegant text.

Several websites offer such services to players, with, and emerging as popular options. Here are the steps for using these websites:

Step 1: Players can begin the process by opening a web browser and searching for any of the websites mentioned above.

2nd step: Once the respective website loads on their screen, they can enter the desired name in the text field.

Step 3: Individuals will find many outputs on their screens. The best can be selected and used to change guild name in Free Fire MAX.

The releases received from the website can further be modified and customized by the players to have an additional personalized name.

Suggested names

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Here is a list of some suggested guild names that players can use in Free Fire MAX:

1) Undead

2) ꧁ΛŁþнΛs꧂

3) ◤ƈʏɮ0ʀɢs◢

4) 乂gнσѕтѕ乂

5) ☬ᎠᎪmᎪᎶᎬ☬


7) 亗ŞØỮŁŞ亗

8) .✿.ʙᴏᴏʏᴀʜ.✿.

9) 乂Wolvesツ☂️

10) ★FEAR★


13) ༒ᴮᴸᴼᴼᴰ༒


15) ×ʀɨʄʟ3ʀֆ×

16) ༺No Mercy༻

17) ۝ᆆαςκ۝


19) メᎮᎧᏇᏋᏒメ

20) ⚡RÓYALS⚡

21) ⦅THE⦆⦅ARMY⦆

22) ༄BOMB࿐⁷¹

23) 々hᎬᏒ0ᎥᏟ彡

24) ◤★NOOBS★◢

25) ༒L.0.L༒

26) 乂Ꭷᴜᴛʟᴀᴡ乂


28) ༆H0P3༻

29) 々2EZ々

30) ◥Ӄɳɪʛɧʈ◤

Steps to change guild name in Free Fire MAX

The method for changing the name of a guild is relatively simple. The user must be a guild leader or an officer and spend 500 diamonds. The exact steps to follow are outlined below:

Step 1: Players will need to start Garena Free Fire MAX on their devices and then click on the “Guild” icon on the right side of their screen.

2nd step: Then they need to tap on the following icon:

Players should then click on this icon (Image via Garena)
Players should then click on this icon (Image via Garena)

Step 3: A dialogue box will appear and they should press the option next to their existing guild name.

Step 4: The new name can finally be entered, and individuals can click on the “500 diamonds” icon to complete the name change.

They should be careful when entering the new guild name and should not make mistakes. If they end up making typos, they’ll have to spend another 500 diamonds to change their guild’s name in-game.

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