Galaxy Racer to Invest $25 Million in Quint and Integrate QUINT Token


Galaxy Racer, an esports-focused transmedia company, has announced that it will invest $25 million in Quint, a crypto and metaverse platform. As a result of this cooperation, Quint will become GXR’s “Native Ecosystem Token Partner”. Additionally, Galaxy Racer (GXR) will integrate $QUINT into the Galaxy Racer payment system. Quint is notable for being the first esports and lifestyle company to invest a large sum of money in a crypto ecosystem. With the opening of its new headquarters in Los Angeles, Galaxy Racer has cemented its position as one of the world’s most recognizable names in esports, gaming, lifestyle and music.

What informed the partnership?

Galaxy Racer’s decision to enter the cryptosphere demonstrates the growing popularity of the industry despite the current market downturn. Accordingly, Galaxy Racer will consider how the token can be used across the company’s many segments. With over 500 million social media followers, Galaxy Racer has five distinct segments. They include content producers, esports teams, tournament management and merchandising as well as his own record label. Also, it has over 100 content creators responsible for generating around 2.5 billion views every month.

Galaxy Racer (GXR) is a transmedia giant with a competitive gaming segment centered around esports content creators, music and sports. Quint’s mission is to promote the widespread use of cryptography. Furthermore, it simultaneously unleashes brand new ways to produce sustainable value using the metaverse and cryptocurrencies. The QUINT token has shown outstanding returns since its introduction. This is due to real-world investor confidence, interest and adoption from the global community. In addition, QUINT undergoes rigorous audits, complete transparency and a utility structure supported by excellent partnerships. These help to build investor confidence.

Galaxy Racer Founder and CEO, Paul Roy, said, “We are thrilled to announce our investment and partnership with The Quint Ecosystem’s groundbreaking token, QUINT. We have been approached by many crypto projects hoping to partner with us as we continue to grow and develop.


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