For Mortal Online 2, 24-hour server restore announced after patch issues


Deadly Online 2 The launch issues continue, with Star Vault announcing yesterday that there would be a hotfix to fix some (but not all) of the issues, including suspended login queues. Still, this patch seems to have messed things up, and the team decided to just start over by pushing a 24-hour server rollback.

The restoration has been confirmed by the community manager, Robmo, in the Deadly online Discord, and should give an idea of ​​the situation before the decision is made:

“While the dev team works on the issues and the server, I’ll let you know what’s going on. Right now they are doing a 24 hour restore on the servers. What will happen is 24 hours after the server crashes ALL progress will return. This includes Nave and Haven. The reason this is being done is that the issues were deep. Joe is currently patching the servers and queue to resolve the remaining issues This couldn’t have been done without server restore due to “corruption” of things. I currently don’t have an ETA. If you created a character during this time, it won’t be If you deleted a character during this time, it will come back.

I repeat that I do not have an ETA while making sure everything will be fine”

The 24-hour restore seems to have been almost the lesser evil, as some players on Reddit and elsewhere were reporting bugs like guilds removed or the disappearance of pets. Following this confirmation, the servers stopped for an update, then stopped and then restarted early this morning after another problem.

Deadly Online 2 saw an unexpected launch request, and while that successful rating is a good thing, and deferring all monthly charges is also the right call, server stability and connection queue issues persist. Star Vault is still working on things, but we’ll have to see when the next update comes and if the fixes will still be useful.


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