Florida unemployment rate falls to lowest level in 2 years


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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Florida’s unemployment rate fell to 3% last month, with all 10 industries tracked in the state showing year-over-year job growth.

Florida’s unemployment rate hasn’t been this low since February 2020, the month before the novel coronavirus began spreading in the United States

The state’s unemployment rate last month was down 2.1 percentage points from a year ago.

Monroe County, whose borders include the Florida Keys, had the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 1.5%, followed by St. Johns County south of Jacksonville at 1.7%. Putnam County, located east of Gainesville, had the highest unemployment rate in the state at 3.6%.

Gov. Ron DeSantis touted the state’s success story Friday at a West Palm Beach news conference where he said Florida added 57,000 more jobs in April alone.

“That’s a 0.7% increase, double the increase for the nation as a whole,” DeSantis said.

The governor also said Florida’s 2021-22 budget is “by far the largest budget surplus in our state’s history,” adding that the surplus will likely exceed $21 billion.

“[We’re] now in a situation where we have never had a stronger fiscal position in the history of the states,” he said.


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