Exponential Growth Leads Crypto Token to Exceed Ambitious Milestones


Introducing a new defi project that has seen extremely strong growth and results despite current market conditions.

LONDON, ENGLAND, May 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Introduction to the Decentralized Capital Gains System
Based on the Binance Smart Chain, Aalto Protocol has been making waves in the rebase token community. The base model of the system caps the token at a maximum supply which should be reached in just over a year. Moreover, the model also includes several deflationary mechanisms, including automatic token burning, automatic liquidity, and an insurance fund. In addition to the basic model, the token includes a reward system that is paid directly to holders. Rewards are accrued through their permanently fixed compound interest model which works in tandem with an automatic rebasing mechanism. Their distinctive approach to a crypto capital gain system has clearly paid off, as a recent parabolic move has pushed the protocol past many new milestones.

The growth of the token
Over the past month, the Aalto Protocol has seen a large parabolic move, an exponential increase in price due to increased consumer demand, which has driven the price of the token to more than 2.5 times its introductory value and more than 5 times compared to the lowest price. The rebase protocol, which launched on April 27 this year, has already surpassed 1,200 holders, with the jump from 300 holders to over 1,200 holders occurring in just two weeks. A limited number of rebase tokens in the crypto space are known to be able to stay above their launch price, especially considering recent market volatility. The Aalto Protocol, having accomplished this, is now above the $18 mark. In addition to its increasing value, the automatic token burning mechanism was able to burn almost 40% of its supply.

Chart released by Aalto Protocol illustrating their most recent growth

How the Aalto Protocol is Responding to Recent Market Volatility
In response to recent market volatility, Aalto Protocol has instituted “Protocol Health”, which advises holders to lock their Aalto in “Deep Blue Bank”. The unique banking system, in which investors can lock up their funds and earn additional rewards, helps the token’s growth by pushing the currency out of circulation but continues to rebase values. Currently, more than $2.7 million from Aalto is invested in the “Deep Blue Bank”. In addition to advising the blocking of funds, Aalto’s team also increased the frequency of distribution of bank rewards to twice a day to further incentivize withdrawal of funds from circulation.

The future of the Aalto Protocol
According to the company’s Twitter, Aalto is showing signs of another parabolic move and their core teams are gearing up to support Aaltos’ long-term growth.

To learn more about the Aalto Protocol, visit their website or read their whitepaper.

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