Does the Fed rate hike mean higher interest on your savings and not using your travel card rewards might not be such a bad thing


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The weekend reads: There is a recession warning as the Federal Reserve battles inflation

Also, value stocks, the wild crude oil market and an American company that stays in Russia. Read more

‘Buyers suffer a double whammy’: Existing home sales plummet as affordability concerns rise

The median sale price of an existing home has increased by 15% over the past year. Read more

‘Serial Fraudster, Man of Countless Identities, Shapeshifter’: Scammer impersonated doctor in $3.5m loan scam, bought gold coins and fled to mexico

Joseph Corey ran the scam while on the run after being convicted of another medical fraud, prosecutors said. Read more

COVID worries are fading, but not for workers. Here’s what your employer should do to keep you happy at work.

Businesses must adapt to how the pandemic has shifted employee priorities. Read more

Not using your travel card rewards might not be such a bad thing

Getting more benefits seems like a good thing on the face of it, but it raises questions about value. Read more

8 leading cities in going green

From parks, to water, to housing, to farmers’ markets, these cities are all examples of what we can achieve when it comes to sustainability. Read more

Small businesses will feel the pressure of rising interest rates – here’s what to expect

Small business owners will feel the impact of rate increases in several ways, including more expensive loans and slower business growth. What can business owners do? Read more

Does the Fed’s rate hike mean higher interest on your savings? Maybe, but it’s worth shopping around.

What exactly is the federal funds rate? We also explain why it matters and how savers can benefit from the recent increase. Read more

‘She was given a power of attorney, but she is abusing that power’: My sister takes full control of my 94-year-old mother – and even changed her will

“My sister came from Florida in April 2020, took my mom to Florida for a visit and never brought her home.” Read more


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