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As we already posted today Diablo Immortal is now available and the servers are now online. Something that has caused a bit of confusion is that the game has servers. Previous Diablo the games ran from the regional Battle.net servers, so as long as you and your friends all played on the same main server (e.g. “US East”), you could all easily play together.

The path Diablo Immortal works is closer to that of an MMORPG, with players siloed on individual servers and only able to play with other players who specifically choose that same server. What seems to cause a bit of confusion is that servers are named after things that look like a Diablo level. As noted above, it seems reasonable to assume that “The Last Vestige” is right where the game begins, and you tap to jump into that part of the game. In reality, “The Last Vestige” is one of many servers with the same name.

This results in the situation above where the game doesn’t seem to prioritize new players in the servers where their friends are, so when you end up with all your friends playing everywhere. It’s an interesting design decision that avoids how Diablo games have always worked where your characters are reasonably portable, which according to the Diablo Immortal community leadership is intentional:

I will suggest that we jump all into The Last Vestige so the TouchArcade community can play together. Before doing so, make sure to link your Battle.net account. We’ve seen reports like this on our forums of potential loss of character data if you play as a “guest” without logging in. For added security, just be sure to log in with your Battle.net account on the main menu. We don’t know how widespread this is, but the loss of character data is still annoying.


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