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NEW DELHI: Less than two weeks after Delhi’s 11 districts reported an average weekly Covid-19 test positivity rate (TPR) of less than 5% and an overall weekly TPR of 2.2%, the average weekly rate is fell to 1.2% and six districts recorded an average weekly TPR below 1%.
At the beginning of February, only one arrondissement, Nord-Est, was in the green zone with an average positivity rate between January 22 and 28 of 4.4%. According to Union Health Ministry guidelines, six districts of Delhi were in the red zone with a weekly average above 10% and four were in the orange zone with an average weekly positivity rate of between 5% and 10%.
With the number of Covid and TPR cases having seen a sharp decline this month, as of February 12, all 11 districts were in the green zone, the Southern District – which had an average weekly TPR of 5.04% until to February 11 – being the last to enter the zone.
While the North East district was the only district with an average weekly TPR below 1% at 0.6% between February 6 and 12, six others – South West (0.9%), South East (0.9%), Center (0.6%), North (0.6%), Shahdara (0.4%) and North East (0.2%) – had an average TPR below 1% between February 18 and 24.
While the South had the highest average TPR for the week between February 6-12 at 4.4%, it now has the second highest weekly average TPR of 2.1%, while the North West , which had a weekly average TPR of 3.3%, currently has the highest weekly average TPR of 2.8%. The West has 1.9%, New Delhi 1.4% and the East 1.5%.
The overall average weekly TPR in Delhi was 1.2% between February 18-24, down from 2.2% between February 6-12. The positivity rate was derived from an average of 20% rapid antigen testing and 80% from the more reliable RT-PCR. test.
The South West district had the highest share of RT-PCR tests, 97%, followed by West (86%), North East (84%), New Delhi (83%), South (82%) and Shahdara (80%). %). The South-East district had the lowest share of RT-PCR tests during this period, 66%, followed by the North-West (74%), Center (75%), North (76% ) and East (77%).
Delhi recorded 440 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, with a TPR of 0.8%, the fourth time the positivity rate fell below 1% after Feb. 21 (0.9%), Feb. 22 (0.9%) and February 25 (0.8%).
With the city experiencing a steady decline in the number of new Covid cases every day and a positivity rate hovering around 1%, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has decided to lift all restrictions on social and economic activities from Monday, February 28. .

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