Connecticut’s high unemployment rate could mean more summer job opportunities


Connecticut’s unemployment rate above the national average could lead to more summer job opportunities.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way business is done in almost every industry, leaving some people out of work.

Caleb Silver with Investopedia says Connecticut’s unemployment rate is slightly above the national average.

“The state of Connecticut has an unemployment rate 4.4% higher than the national average,” Silver says, “Connecticut is in worse shape than some other states in the country.”

Unemployment is on the rise in Hartford County with an unemployment rate of 4%. New Haven County has an unemployment rate of 3.9%, Fairfield County sits at 3.7%, and Litchfield County has an unemployment rate of 3.4%. Although Silver says all rates are at or around the national average, Connecticut’s state rate is slightly higher.

As people pick up the pace again when it comes to dining out and planning activities, the industries that are facing a shortage of employees and have job openings seem to be the ones that are the more requested.

“We’ve heard about shortages of lifeguards, we’ve heard about shortages of restaurants and entertainment, that’s where you see it the most, but you also see it in commerce and transport, which are part of the mess. of the supply chain that we’re in right now, so we’re seeing some openings there, but we’re seeing a slowdown on the retail side of the employment sector,” Silver says.

As the hot summer months arrive, the beach is a place to cool off and having a lifeguard to watch while you paddle through the water is key to having a safe experience, but there is a shortage of lifeguards in Connecticut.

Not only do vacancies impact wait times and service, but not having the employees to fill those on-duty lifeguard chairs is a safety factor. Norwalk Aquatic Director Pam Raila says they thankfully have a full staff, but other cities and towns across the state aren’t so lucky.

“When you have fewer guards, you limit the area that’s really being watched, or you have those guards on duty guarding a large area. It could really create danger because you just don’t have the eyes to watch everything. the world and unfortunately accidents happen, people get in trouble and someone has to be there to save them,” says Raila.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection even raised the starting wage for lifeguards to $19 an hour in an attempt to get more people to watch the swimming areas of parks. State of Connecticut.


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