Colordyne Technologies Adopts New Fiery Impress Print Server

The Fiery Impress DFE is on display at Labelexpo Americas 2022.

Converters have new cost-effective, high-quality options for hybrid flexo/digital production of premium labels, thanks to a new solution from Labelexpo Americas that delivers more power than ever.

Colordyne Technologiesa leading manufacturer of efficient high-resolution digital inkjet printers and upgrades, partners with Fiery, the industry-leading developer of advanced servers for digital color print production of Electronics For Imaging, for being the first manufacturer in the world to offer UV LED and water-based inkjet solutions that incorporate the market-proven, high-end preparation and processing workflow capabilities of the front end Digital (DFE) Fiery Impress.

Colordyne’s high-speed, high-resolution process color inkjet print engines, on display in booth 5923 at Labelexpo Americas 2022, September 13-15, showcase the Fiery Impress DFE, an all-new print server technology. turnkey inkjet printing.

Colordyne inkjet engines driven by Fiery print server technology deliver superior inkjet production for durable UV-LED labels and water-based printing ideal for food and beverage and other GC brands looking sustainable and environmentally friendly labels.

Customers can easily integrate Colordyne’s inkjet engines on existing flexo equipment and convert to create an affordable single-pass hybrid printing press or use it as a stand-alone digital production press. The print engines support up to seven colors with options for CMYK, white, and additional process colors.

Affordable management

By using Fiery Impress with our 3800 Series inkjet engines, converters can upgrade their existing flexo presses for about half the cost of a new hybrid narrow web press,” said Taylor Buckthorpe, director of sales and of Marketing, Colordyne Technologies. “The complete set of integrated Fiery products adds a wealth of functionality throughout the printing process, helping manufacturing sites get more done with their presses. When it comes to next-level color management and automation, we consider Fiery to be the strongest partner to work with. Together, we’ll help converters gain efficiencies while improving quality and reliability as they grow their businesses with digital printing.

With more than two million servers installed worldwide, Fiery technology is the DFE leader in digital printing. The launch of Impress DFE – an out-of-the-box, out-of-the-box platform that requires less time and cost for hardware integration – streamlines the process needed to bring Fiery technology to new applications industrial and packaging.

The new Fiery offering enables users to complete more jobs per shift with a suite of file preparation and preparation tools to automate many prepress tasks. Fiery Impress technology efficiently handles color management, including extended color gamuts beyond CMYK, while providing accurate ink cost estimates to help converters maintain profitability. Additional tools, such as Fiery JobFlow prepress automation workflow software, can eliminate manual step-and-repeat work to help converters print digital and hybrid jobs faster.

Digital and cloud capabilities

Converters can also take advantage of more multi-SKU, versioning, and serialization opportunities by using a Fiery Impress DFE streaming option that provides powerful RIP-while-print capabilities for continuous printing, high volume and variable data.

The DFE Fiery Impress delivers consistent, predictable results that match the designer’s intent thanks to native Adobe PDF print engine processing and PDF 2.0 support, a key competitive advantage not available in other RIP solutions.

Fiery Command WorkStation, the first operator interface for managing digital print jobs, comes standard with the DFE Fiery Impress. Additionally, Colordyne 3800 Series users can use the server to connect to a full suite of free and paid EFI IQ cloud analytics and business intelligence solutions. The DFE Fiery Impress can also integrate with leading labeling and packaging GIS platforms, connecting converters’ digital operations to enterprise-wide workflows.

Fiery DFEs have long been known for delivering superior color, image quality and efficiency, and our Fiery Impress DFE brings these capabilities to new markets including labels, packaging and in-line manufacturing,” said John Henze, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, EFI Ardent. “This exciting new partnership with Colordyne Technologies represents a significant market opportunity that combines industry-leading DFE technology with Colordyne’s outstanding inkjet engines for hybrid and digital label conversion.

The Fiery Impress DFE is the first technology for Colordyne equipment capable of supporting the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) for a native, end-to-end PDF workflow using industry-leading rendering technology. APPE support gives users the benefit of optimal output using industry-leading rendering technology, optimizing the appearance of blends of transparency, overprint, color accompaniment, trapping, etc.

The Fiery Impress DFE will open doors to new opportunities in manufacturing workflows, especially for labeled products,” said Marc Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager, Adobe. “Colordyne customers will benefit from the power of Adobe PDF Print Engine, based on the same Adobe technologies as Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator CC. The result is maximum reliability, from design to proof to final release. Adobe and EFI continue to bring innovative technologies to market. We are pleased to see Colordyne and its customers leading the way in this dynamic growth segment. »

With its new advanced workflow, Colordyne’s upgrade technology at Labelexpo Americas is a reliable and efficient upgrade of the power and flexibility that converters need to meet new market opportunities.

Inkjet is important for growth-oriented flexo converters, but the biggest opportunity comes with the color capabilities and workflow advantages over a basic inkjet integration,” according to an analyst. of the sector. Marco Boer IT strategies. “In a crowded field where there are many niche digital inkjet integrators, choosing one that offers a robust DFE workflow and extended gamut inks at a competitive capital cost can create a differentiating advantage in the producing labels.”

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the nationwide lockdown on March 25, 2020. It will be two years tomorrow as I write this. What have we learned during this time? Perhaps the sense of resilience as small businesses like ours have had to rely on our resources and the forbearance of our employees as we struggled to produce our business platforms.

The printing and packaging industries have been lucky, although the commercial printing industry has yet to recover. We learned about the digital transformation affecting commercial printing and packaging. Ultimately, digital will help print grow in a country where we are still far behind in our paper and print consumption and where digital is an advanced technology that will only increase the demand for printing for the foreseeable future.

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