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SIOUX CITY — The Sioux City Council postponed action Monday to increase municipal parking meter and ramp rates, and increase parking overtime and other related fines.

It was the second time the case has been postponed, following last month’s decision not to act immediately on parking rates.

City staff say rate increases are needed to generate revenue to pay off debt for parking ramp repairs as well as to purchase new parking ramps.

Director of Public Works David Carney said the last increase in street meter rates was in 2007, while ramp fees and parking fines were increased in 2019.


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At Monday’s meeting, Mayor Bob Scott asked Carney for additional information, breaking down the parking fines by category to see how many violators paid after 30 days and after 90 days.

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“I would support increasing the fines for people after 30 or 90 days,” Scott said. “I would not favor a significant increase in fines for someone who is a few minutes late at their parking meter and has paid straight away.”

“It may be self-serving, but people who pay upfront don’t call city council members to complain about fines,” he continued. “Instead, they will call the mayor directly to file a complaint.”

Four council members voted to resume action next week with additional stats from Carney.

Council member Matthew O’Kane abstained from voting as he is an art teacher in the Sioux City Community School District and works downtown and must pay for his own parking.


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