City center restaurant waiter victim of hate message at reception

The restaurant has identified a customer to alert employees

Receipt shared on social networks

VICTORIA, Texas — On Wednesday night, July 20, 2022, just as a server closed in El Paso Tacos and Tequilla found a hate message left on a customer’s receipt. 25 News Now contacted the waiter at the restaurant in downtown Victoria, but got no response. The server was refused a tip. The customer wrote “Do not tip gay men” and exaggerated the “0” amounts under the Tip and Total boxes on the receipt.

We spoke with the manager twice and a second member of management confirmed the incident. The manager said he reviewed the surveillance video and alerted employees in case the customer returns. The manager said he was a young man in his twenties.

The photo of the receipt made its rounds online once the waiter posted it on social media with a sad emoji at the bottom asking its followers “How’s your night going”.

The incident happened on Victoria Pride week 2022, so when the server received donations, he donated $300 to the event. It was the same week Victoria County had issues with a $500 donation through Be Well Victoria to Victoria Pride 2022. The money was returned and an anonymous donor gave $500 instead. Organizers said Victoria County wanted the Be Well logo removed from promotional material, but it was too late. Some community members also pointed out that Victoria County Commissioners met on June 19 this year, when most government agencies now recognize federal holidays and do not work.

Read the story about Victoria Pride 2022 and the Be Well Victoria issue here.


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