Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Announces Token Presale


Following the Vasil Hard fork event on Cardano, the Cardalonia metaverse project has just announced its presale of $LONIA tokens, which will start from July 5 to mid-August 2022.

This presale will allow Cardano enthusiasts and early birds to acquire $LONIA tokens before listing on the exchange.

Interested users can join the $LONIA token presale here

How to buy a $ LONIA token?

The $LONIA token is currently in the pre-sale phase and many Cardano experts are excited about this new project due to its innovative features and usefulness.

You can only buy $LONIA, the utility token of Cardalonia by joining the presale which will start on July 5, 2022 and end after 45 days or until the cap is reached.

Investors can purchase a $LONIA token at the fixed price of 1 ADA = $12 LONIA.

Join the Cardalonia token presale here:

$LONIA token holders will have an automatic whitelist for Cardalonia sales of Land NFTs called Terrania, each minted as a unique Cardano NFT with coordinates that can be located and personalized on the Cardalonia card.

$LONIA token holders will be able to vote on governance proposals that will affect the Cardalonia ecosystem, be eligible to become an ambassador once your staking key is displayed on the staking leaderboard.

Eventually, $LONIA token holders and landowners will be able to deploy custom avatars and games to their metaverse lands.

Cardalonia, a new community-driven metaverse project on Cardano, has been making headlines lately with the appreciation of the $LONIA utility token despite market volatility.

The development team behind Cardalonia stuck to their roadmap as they completed the Cardalonia staking vault.

The Cardalonia Metaverse ecosystem is the first Cardano metaverse project to have a non-custodial staking platform where $LONIA token holders can stake their tokens to earn up to 20% APY and also get listed automatic white for the sale NFT of the lands of Cardalonia.

Cardalonia’s staking vault has nearly 4 million LONIA tokens and 175 active wallet stakings.

Cardalonia is one of the most interesting projects on Cardano as the project has received media coverage from Coinmarketcap, Entrepreneur, Investing&Yahoo Finance.

To add even more credibility to the project, the official twitter account has been given a twitter verified badge.

More information about Cardalonia can be found by visiting the website or joining the Telegram Group&Discord Server.

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