Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Leaks, Release Date, Trailer, Test Server, Battle Pass, Patch Notes, and more


Mobile call of duty Season 11 is already being discussed by the gaming community and we have all the information you need ahead of its release.

Season 10 has only been out for a short time, but many have praised the work the developers have done, and for that reason expectations are at an all-time high for Season 11.

What’s great about a new season is that it features new content, including a battle pass, skins, weapons, and maps.

Hopefully Season 11 is as good as Season 10, if not better, and if it doesn’t, there could be quite a few complaints from the gaming community.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 11.


Currently, there has been a leak revealing that Black Ops 4’s Icebreaker map will be in-game when Season 11 goes live.

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Release date

Season 10 released on November 17, 2021, and with seasons generally one month apart, we expect to see Season 11 release on December 20, 2021.


The developers of Call of Duty Mobile are still releasing a trailer showing a preview of all the new content coming to the game during the season; However, this trailer has yet to be released.
When the trailer is released, we’ll show you here.

Test server

Gamers will be happy to hear that COD Mobile is testing the servers to make sure their new seasons are perfect when they release. They also reveal some of the content that will arrive early in the season and when they do, we’ll reveal it all here.

Battle pass

Players will be happy to hear that when a new season comes out, it results in a new battle pass. This battle pass includes 100 levels of unlockable content that players can use, including characters, weapons, and cosmetics.

Release Notes

When a new season comes out there are a lot of updates, and the developers release patch notes to let the gaming community know what’s in those updates.

These patch notes are only revealed once the season goes live, so we have to wait a long time to find out what they entail.

When Call of Duty Mobile releases the Season 11 patch notes, we’ll reveal everything here ASAP.

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