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It has now been revealed how many people made the decision to purchase AEW All Out earlier this month.

The actual outcome of the matches at All Out was forgotten by many, due to the sensational media scrum that followed and the backstage brawl that led to multiple suspensions and stripping of league titles.

If you think back to the show, there were many key moments, including CM Punk defeating Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship, as well as Toni Storm winning a four-way contest to become interim Women’s Champion.

However, perhaps the most notable moment was the return of MJF, who appeared in a mask to win the Casino Ladder Match, before revealing himself at the end of the show to take on the new titleholder (and now stripped) CM Punk.

According to a new report from The wrestling observation bulletin from Dave Meltzer, AEW pulled in a buy rate of between 135,000 and 142,000 buys – although it should be noted that this figure does not include digital purchases and only represents cable/satellite purchases in the States -United.

If this total is confirmed, it will be concerning for the company as it will be the first time that a pay-per-view has not had a higher viewership than its counterpart from the previous year. For comparison, All Out 2021 gained a reported viewership of 205,000 – which remains a record for AEW.

It’s also worth noting that the 2021 event also saw the AEW debuts of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and Ruby Soho.

The antics after All Out overshadowed the main event. CM Punk erupted during the media scrum with company chairman Tony Khan sitting right next to him. It was then reported that he had been involved in a fight with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, which led to all of their recently won championships being declared vacant.


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