BRWL Listing: Wax Studio’s Blockchain Brawlers Token Will Be Listed Via OKX Jumpstart


Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) Token Listing: Cryptocurrency exchange OKX announced on Friday that Wax Studio’s native BRWL (Blockchain Brawlers) token will be listed through the OKX Jumpstart program

Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) Token Listing: Cryptocurrency exchange OKX announced on Friday that Wax Studio’s native Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) token will be listed through the OKX Jumpstart program. Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-win wrestling game created by WAX studios featuring a cast of NFT characters.

In a statement, OKK said that built on the wax blockchain, the BRWL token aims to simplify the monetization of in-game assets by functioning as in-game currency. The partnership between OKX and Wax Studios is a symbiotic association of two leading brands with shared goal of migrating the global gaming industry to blockchain, which will benefit all relevant industry stakeholders.

OKX Jumpstart will allow users to earn BRWL tokens by staking OKB tokens. A total supply of 50,000,000 BRWL tokens will be available for subscription on OKX with no upper limit for individuals. Users from various countries, including India, can use OKB tokens to participate in the OKX Jumpstart from 8:00 UTC on March 27, 2021. BRWL transactions will take place under the ERC-20 protocol.

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Commenting on the development, Jay Hao, CEO of said, “We are thrilled to partner with Wax Studios for this BRWL token listing. Through this association, we want to create an enhanced user experience through our play-to-win initiatives. As we dive deeper into the metaverse space, OKX will continue to collaborate with promising metaverse projects.

Michael Rubinelli, Head of Games at WAX Studios, said, “We are happy to find a like-minded partner in OKX. Wax Studios has embarked on an exciting journey to create a play-to-win ecosystem to drive the creator economy while driving NFT adoption in the gaming space.”

Powered by BRWL tokens, every player can win and fight their way to fame and fortune. The game features 400 legendary 1-on-1 “Founder’s Edition” brawlers, a limited-edition Ric Flair NFT collection, hard-hitting gear packs, limited-edition swag, and more.

The Jumpstart begins at 8:00 UTC on March 27, 2021.

OKX Jumpstart is a platform that helps new projects launch and grow their communities.

(Cryptocurrencies are unregulated assets in India. Investing in these assets could result in losses as the crypto market is highly volatile. You should consult your financial advisor before investing in crypto and other digital assets virtual).


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