BittWare Introduces New Card and Server Level Solutions to Improve Memory


BittWare, a Molex company, demonstrated new solutions at the board and server level with Intel Agilex FPGAs. The new BittWare IA-860m helps customers lighten memory-bound application workloads by leveraging up to 32GB of onboard HBM2e memory and 16 lanes of PCIe 5.0 (with CXL upgrade option).

BittWare also added new products based on Intel Agilex I-series FPGAs with the introduction of the IA-440i and IA-640i accelerators, which support high performance interfaces including 400G Ethernet and PCIe 5.0 (CXL option).

These latest models complement BittWare’s existing Intel Agilex F-Series product line to form one of the broadest portfolios of Intel Agilex FPGA offerings on the market. This announcement reinforces BittWare’s commitment to meeting ever-increasing demands for high-performance computing, storage, networking and sensor processing applications.

“BittWare is excited to apply Intel’s advanced technology to solve increasingly challenging application problems quickly and with low risk,” said Craig Petrie, vice president, Sales and Marketing, BittWare. “Our long-standing collaboration with Intel, expertise with the latest development tools, including OneAPI, and alignment with global supply chain and Molex manufacturing capabilities enable BittWare to reduce development time 12-18 months while ensuring smooth transitions from proof-of-concept to volume product deployment.

Launch innovation

BittWare has been selected to participate in Intel’s Agilex M-Series Early Access Program (EAP) to accelerate the delivery of FPGA-based solutions featuring Intel’s latest technological advancements. To this end, BittWare’s engineering team will take advantage of the built-in HBM2e (High Bandwidth Memory) DRAM stacks; On-chip SRAM; and support for next-generation external synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) memory, including DDR5.

“We are excited to partner with BittWare to scale Intel FPGA-based solutions while building momentum for our new Intel Agilex M-Series FPGAs,” said Deepali Trehan, Vice President and General Manager of Programmable Solutions at Intel Corporation. . “Over the years, BittWare has played a pivotal role in supporting our Intel Agilex flagship product roadmap as well as utilizing Intel’s OneAPI development toolkit to accelerate development and delivering solutions that enable our customers to achieve high levels of performance and energy efficiency across markets and applications.

Dealing with exponential data growth

BittWare and Intel are jointly developing solutions to accelerate the processing of various workloads, ranging from machine learning inference, database acceleration and NVMe (Nonvolatile Memory Express) computing storage to testing and measurement of networking, 5G cellular testing and sensor processing. As a result, both organizations are poised to enable customers to keep pace with ever-increasing demands for high-speed networking, computing acceleration, and storage for the most demanding applications and compute workloads. demanding.


BittWare IA-440i and IA-640i Accelerators Early Access Units are expected to be available in Q4 2022 with production units scheduled for delivery in Q1 2023. IA-860m Accelerators Early Access Units are planned for the second quarter of 2023 with production units expected by Q2 2024.


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