Bitcoin Token (BTCT) Falls 0.78%, Underperforms Crypto Market Wednesday


Bitcoin Token (BTCT) has been relatively more volatile than the crypto market. So far on Wednesday, the crypto is down 77.6% at $0.0002130884794.

InvestorsObserver gives Bitcoin Token a volatility rank of 97. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the ranking on Bitcoin Token!

Very volatile

InvestorsObserver gives Bitcoin Token a high volatility ranking of 97, placing it in the top 3% of cryptos in the market.

The volatility gauge takes into account the significance that a day will neither make nor destroy its rank. BTCT’s high volatility reading is paired with a low reading on the Risk/Reward Gauge, which means the coin has relatively large price swings and is well protected against price manipulation.

The Bitcoin token price is favorably positioned going forward. With support around -0.000100912724442753 and resistance near 0.000651063868721974. This positions Bitcoin Token with some breathing room before facing selling pressures.

What is a room?

A coin is a cryptocurrency that exists on its own blockchain. these are usually used for payments. Depending on the cryptocurrency, the use of these payments can vary from general use in the digital currency subclass to more specific uses in certain other subclasses.

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