Gold-Tier NFTs, now “inflated” in FEAT, will drop on

Additional perks and utility have been added to maximize experiential value

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, BIG3 announced that the historic first-ever Forever Experience Action Token (FEAT), offering the holder benefits and exclusive access to BIG3 for the life of the league, will drop to 11 am ET on Friday, June 10, 2022 on This is the first time that FEATs will be available to the public via 375 Team Gold Editions at the price of $4,500 each. Following the sale of these 375 editions, the league will drop 100 to 200 editions at a time for a total of 975 editions for each of the 12 league teams. Once this inventory is depleted, the FEATS of these 12 teams will never be sold by BIG3 again, regardless of how many years or decades the league has been successful. Greater success and longer BIG3 longevity means more years of experience and action provided by the FEAT NFT, no matter how volatile the crypto.

In addition to the perks offered in the previously announced Gold-Tier, FEATs will also include several new and unique utilities, including:

  • Sale Revealed – Buyers select which of the 12 teams they buy and the communities they want to join
  • Limited Supply – Only 375 Gold Editions will be released, additional tokens will be available when sold out, but once 975 have been sold per team, no more will be minted
  • Content Generation – BIG3 highlights, interviews, footage, images, IP and other content will be provided to FEAT owners without a license, allowing owners to create their own content
  • Brushfire – Five golds can be converted into a “Brushfire” FEAT and gain most fire level benefits
  • Lottery – 25 levels of fire will be split among FEATs, 1 in 75 Gold Medals will receive a championship ring if their team wins, and every year 1 in 100 Gold Medals will receive a 1-hour personal zoom with the founders and/or players

“The BIG3 is once again changing the game,” said BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube. “We go beyond NFTs, we deliver experiences and utilities that will last as long as BIG3, which could be forever. FEATs are the next big thing in the crypto space and our league is leading the way and providing our fans with unprecedented value. This is the first step into the future of our league and I look forward to meeting all of our FEAT owners this summer.

This announcement follows the sale of several $25,000 NFT Fire-Tier to renowned Crypto leaders and communities, including DeGods, Bill Lee and MyDoge/DogeCoin, Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery, Gary Vaynerchuk by VeeFriends, Krause House DAO, Sunny Madra, Kevin Rose and MOONBIRDS, King of Midtown, with a team led by Wave Financial and their Bored Ape. These purchases are part of the league’s offer of decentralized team ownership through blockchain technology. Current Gold tier owners will be upgraded to FEAT and receive the same benefits as tokens deposited on June 10e. They will be able to select their teams before the public disembarks.

“FEATs are the new wave,” said the BIG3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz. “Access and utility are changing the NFT landscape and ushering in the next frontier of value that blockchain technology can deliver. This is the next step for BIG3 leading the sport into the future.”

BIG3 returns for its fifth season on June 18 for 11 weeks of FIREBALL3 action over 29 hours of live gaming on CBS and Paramount+. For more information on FEAT, the upcoming public release and the league’s fifth season, join the Discord here, go to and follow @thebig3 on Twitter and instagram.


BIG3 ( is where the superstars of FIREBALL3 play. The premier BIG3 World League features many of the greatest, most popular and talented professional athletes of all time. Founded by producer, actor and music legend Ice Cube and entertainment director Jeff Kwatinetzthe BIG3 combines highly competitive, physical and fast-paced gaming experiences and amazing fan experiences.


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