April 15 Forex Signals Overview: Quiet Day for Easter Weekend


Following the decision to raise interest rates by 50 basis points (bps) by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on Wednesday and the Bank of Canada, the FED also raised interest rates by 2bps at the last meeting while the Bank of England raised them by 0.65%. The European Central Bank (ECB) was not expected to raise rates, and it did not.

It was pretty much a mock meeting for the ECB, leaving the timing of APP purchases unchanged as it was due to end in the third quarter while reaffirming that rate hikes will be gradual and only come after the end of QE. This contrasts with other central banks as inflation continues to rise as prices rise, so the euro turned quite bearish yesterday after the ECB. The fact that kicking the box into June means little chance of a rate move in July. Today, most markets are closed for Good Friday, so everything should be quiet except for cryptocurrencies and probably oil.

Signals of yesterday

AUD/USD sell signalAUD/USD turned bearish over a week ago, after failing to reach 0.77, sending this pair below the moving averages. On Wednesday we saw an upward reversal, but yesterday the price reversed again when we opened the sell trade. Australia’s employment report was disappointing in the Asian session, which kept the pressure on the downside, so we finally saw some profit in our signal.

NZD/USD sell signalUSD/USD has also been bearish since last week, despite the RBNZ raising interest rates by 50 basis points on Wednesday. This pair retraced higher on Wednesday for a while after the rate decision, but the retracement failed the moving averages and formed a bearish reversal pattern, so we decided to open a sell signal which also closed in profit.

Cryptographic Update

RUNE/USD buy signal – The Thorchain RUNE token was showing decent buying pressure in March as sentiment improved in the crypto market and a number of upgrades were launched for this blockchain. THORChain now removes the need for intermediaries for trading non-native cryptos.

Traders can trade tokens on different networks while launching Thorfinance (Thorfi) which will support borrowing and lending. Thus, RUNE showed bullish pressure since early March and after the retreat at the beginning of the month, the price started to bounce off the 200 SMA, so we decided to open a buy signal.

The 200 SMA organized in support of Thorchain RUNE

Sell ​​EUR/USD – The Euro turned bearish yesterday after the ECB decision as we mentioned above, as markets are not expecting rate hikes soon, unlike other central banks. The USD, on the other hand, has turned bullish as more 50 bps rate hikes are expected in the upcoming FOMC meetings, so this pair should remain bearish and we will try to sell higher retracements. .

EUR/USD is rejected by the 50 Daily SMA

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