After breaking through the $ 0.60 level, (CRO) has a downside

0 (CRO) is down today, but it has slowed from yesterday’s downtrend. This token lost $ 0.6 in a 24 hour period, but it calms down again today.

CRO struggled to break through the $ 0.60 (CRO / USD) level throughout December, but then climbed on the 20e after experiencing a low for the month of $ 0.48. From there, the CRO surged to $ 0.68 by the 24e and remained high for a few more days until Monday’s recovery.

Trace CRO performance

The entire crypto market is experiencing a slowdown, with many cryptos down 2-3% today. However, there were some steep drops yesterday, followed by a much slower rate move today. Many cryptos are showing fairly fixed rates today, although the 24 hour statistic is negative due to yesterday’s dramatic move. This downtrend could continue to fade later in the day, then turn positive before evening or recover later in the day. is experiencing an increase in trading volume today, up 33% in the past 24 hours. Today’s $ 0.60 is a decrease of 5.83% from yesterday, but it is still well above over the past two months. The CRO has spent much of the past month on the rise, becoming continuously bullish and impressing investors, especially after a rather calm October.

It should be noted that the CRO fell drastically in early December, but has managed a partial recovery since then. This digital token has maintained a high ranking among other cryptos, although its rate is still subject to the movement of Bitcoin (BTC), due to the fact that Bitcoin holds the majority market share.

Look at the potential of CRO

Even though is down today, we expect it to go up again before the end of the year. However, it will likely struggle to regain its all-time high of $ 0.90 which it reached in late November. To determine where might be heading, pay attention to Bitcoin and the market at large. flattens out today and could come back very soon. With the evolving crypto market and plenty of trading activity taking place in the last days of the year, as well as the first days of the New Year, there is a significant potential for explosive price swings.


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