A token slip, the Untamed Islands, Pokemon-style furniture, has been put on hold due to the declining popularity of cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies


Developers had time for business and their investors were not ready to support them.

The developers had run out of money and weren’t ready to support them.

Phat Loot Studios has announced the suspension of development of the multiplayer game Untamed Isles. It’s a huge Pokémon-style project where players tried to create different types of procedurally generated creatures while learning about a vast world.

Due to the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies, it has been decided to halt the development of Untamed Isles indefinitely. The game was developed by the agents who used to work in the crypto market, they are no longer ready to invest in this project.

It is possible that in 2021, an Untamed Isles will manage to raise more than $840,000 in New Zealand. Once the development of the project is suspended, the money will not be returned to the participants of the crowdfunding campaign.

Fans supporting the Xtamed Isles Kickstarter assumed that they lost their money due to unsuccessful investing in cryptocurrencies. The developers explain that this is not the case: the money generated on Kickstarter was purchased directly by a developer, and all the money has been spent.

Phat Loot Studios cannot say if Untamed Isles will continue to grow. Now the studio developers are looking for a way to save both Phat Loot Studios and his project.

It’s interesting.

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