A one-of-a-kind “Sleep-to-Earn” DreamN token


Las Vegas, May 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spending sleepless nights staring at crypto charts will literally be a thing of the past with DreamN. Using its unique Sleep-to-Earn concept, the team behind DreamN is set to revolutionize the crypto space and change it – for the better, forever.

The project quickly captured the imagination of crypto investors with its unique use case, attracting over 11,000 Twitter followers and 34,000 Discord users within less than a week of the announcement. With the team ramping up marketing ahead of the highly anticipated presale, DreamN is set to go parabolic after launch and become the biggest crypto project launch this year.

What further sweetens the pot and differentiates DreamN from other gain tokens is that the rewards are paid out directly in BNB, the native coin of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – the home of DreamN. DreamN will have its own app on Google Play and Apple Appstore that token holders can use to record their sleep sessions.
In addition to keeping records of your sleep, the app will provide a host of other useful metrics people can use to monitor their sleep patterns and adapt for a better night’s sleep.

The project will also integrate Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements into its ecosystem to boost user engagement and make participation fun. Some of the planned features include Challenges and Seasons, where people at the top of the leaderboards can earn additional rewards for proving their dominance.

The team is comprised of seasoned, proven crypto veterans and works with a detailed 4-phase roadmap that lays out a plan from token launch to marketing, partnerships and eventual listing on centralized exchanges of foreground.

The DreamN concept was born from the team’s desire to promote better health and a healthier lifestyle. Sleep, they realized, is a key pillar of a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with a good night’s sleep and everything else, like exercise, healthy eating or meditation, builds on top of that. With DreamN, the team came up with a way for people to earn passive income even while sleeping.

Jon Wat, Community Relations Manager at DreamN, said: “We believe this initiative will encourage people to adopt healthier sleep habits and help them improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.”

DreamN launches with an initial supply of 20 million tokens, 40% of which is reserved to power the rewards mechanism. An additional 10% of tokens are reserved for staking rewards. Five million tokens have been allocated for presale, while one million tokens are reserved for seed backers. There is no acquisition for pre-sale buyers or seed backers. Team Tokens are set at just 1% of the total supply and vest for 1 year.

The token will implement a 5% tax on purchases and a 15% tax on sales to make the project sustainable. The bulk of the taxes goes to fund the rewards pool and marketing portfolio, while a small portion is reserved for project development and operations.

Raisa, the lead developer of the project, said, “We crafted our tokenomics to make the project sustainable and viable for the long term.

The presale will take place on GemPad and will be whitelisted (WL) before going public. The team provides various opportunities for investors on their social media platforms to earn WL spots and invest at the lowest possible price.

To be part of the crypto revolution, you can visit the following links for more information:

Website: www.dreamn.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamnbsc
Discord: https://discord.gg/dreamnbsc
Telegram: https://t.me/DreamN_BSC



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