Sleeping pills of new generation- Ambien

Ambien zolpidem belongs to a group of hypnotics, interestingly enough, unfortunately, to many people. Since it happened, and that you are concerned about insomnia, and now all of us are interested in the description Ambien preparation, instructions for use, reviews about the vehicle, its use, synonyms that can replace him.


The drug is indicated for use with a history of both transient insomnia and chronic nature, including early awakening, as well as difficulty in falling asleep.


Sleeping pills are contraindicated for application in myasthenia gravis; in the presence of sleep apnea; in hepatic and respiratory failure marked. In addition buy ambien online buy do not use if you are sensitive to certain substances contained in this medication, and in the age group up to 18 years.

Use and dosage

Buy ambien online and use it preferably not more than one month, an increase in life might, but after re-evaluation of the patient status. As you might guess, the tablet should be taken before going to bed, drank half a glass of water.

The duration of treatment, the presence of transitory insomnia may be limited to five days, therapeutic measures may be up to three weeks, while in chronic situational insomnia same – the duration of the drug is determined individually by the physician.

The recommended dosage is 7.5 mg, and it should not be exceed. In old age, treatment should start with a dose in the amount of 3.75 mg, but if necessary it can be increased twice.

Drug overdose

With an overdose of medication Ambien zolpidem can cause depression of the nervous system, ranging from sleepiness up to coma, it all depends on the number of tablets. In severe cases, there is hypotension, and respiratory depression functions.

Overdose of cheap Ambien does not pose much of a threat to life, if the pills do not mix with alcohol intake or some other means, a depressing effect on the CNS. When attenuated organism may occur fatal.

In this case, should immediately render the complex of therapeutic measures, in particular, need to wash the stomach, then conduct symptomatic treatment in a hospital.

It is important to support the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory system and. As shown antidote use of flumazenil.

Side effects

When receiving Ambien Zolpidem without prescription side effects can occur, which will be expressed in the form of a bitter taste in the mouth may appear rash, itching, swelling of tissues, and anaphylactic reactions.

From the nervous system instruction notes have cheap Ambien side effects such as dizziness and will be a headache, residual sleepiness after a night’s sleep, anterograde amnesia; rarely nightmares, aggressiveness, irritability, confusion, bad mood, depression, in-coordination, inappropriate behavior.

From the digestive system: dry mouth, nausea, dyspepsia. With regard to laboratory changes, it may be noted increased rates of hepatic transaminases and alkaline phosphatase.

After discontinuation of generic Ambien may be a withdrawal, he will manifest the following symptoms, a person will rebound insomnia, excessive sweating, to join anxiety and tremor, agitation, tremors, confusion, delirium, as well as headache, tachycardia, nightmares, can be hallucinations, much less likely to develop seizures.


As for the reviews, generic Ambien is well tolerated, but in some cases there are side effects, when they occur, should be on time to stop the use of sleeping pills, or replace them with similar tools.