Method of administration and dosage of Ambien- important information.

Drug Ambien zolpidem is taken orally (through the oral cavity). To obtain the expected effectiveness, the medicine should be drunk immediately before going to bed, after a short time after eating. Zolpidem is washed down with water.

It should immediately be stipulated that after taking the drug, the patient is guaranteed a normal sleep within the next seven to eight hours after Ambien administration. If a person does not plan so long to rest – Ambien zolpidem is better not to drink.

Before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to buy Ambien online and make an appointment with a doctor: it is he who is able to correctly describe the treatment, the way of administration and the dosage of Ambien, which are necessary to obtain therapeutic effectiveness of treatment.

For adult patients, the recommended daily amount of the drug administered should not exceed 10 mg taken before going to bed. In rare cases, the maximum dosage may be 20 mg.

If the patient refers to patients who are already 65 years of age, the recommended dosage is halved and is 5 mg taken according to the schedule described above.

The same dose (5 mg) of Ambien without prescription is for persons who have a history of liver failure or the patient’s body is severely weakened. Such quantity is the starting one and its number can be gradually increased, but this procedure should be under the constant control of the attending doctor. If the body has a good tolerability of zolpidem, but it does not get the desired clinical effectiveness, the dosage of cheap Ambien can be gradually increased to 10 mg.

The duration of therapeutic treatment, as a rule, is no more than a month (or four weeks). If insomnia is not chronic, and it worries from case to case, it is recommended to take the medication in question for two to five days. If insomnia is situational, then the course of treatment can be stretched for two to three weeks.

The brevity of the therapeutic course does not require gradualness in the abolition of Ambien If the medicine was taken for a long time, in order to avoid a “ricochet” situation (the return of insomnia), zolpidem should be canceled gradually, reducing its dosage.

Overdose of generic Ambien

If, for any reason, an overdose of Ambien without prescription occurred, it is necessary to provide the patient with the first medical aid, washing his stomach and causing vomiting, then give a drink of any adsorbent, for example, activated charcoal.

If the patient’s condition is bad, or after taking a large dosage for more than an hour, in parallel with his assistance activities, it is necessary, depending on the patient’s condition, to call an ambulance (in the unconscious state of the patient) or inform the treating doctor if a mild degree of poisoning.

Symptoms of increased use of generic Ambien:

Inhibition of the reaction of the central nervous system, various degrees of manifestation of pathology.

Confusion of consciousness.

At serious displays – coma.

Ataxia is a disorder of coordination of movements.

The retardation of thinking.

A sharp drop in blood pressure.

Problems with breathing.

A condition dangerous to the life of the patient.

When symptoms of an overdose appear, the doctor in a hospital conducts symptomatic treatment, as well as maintenance therapy. Especially it concerns the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. It should be remembered that in such a situation, you should not inject sedatives, even if the symptoms require it.

If the patient is experiencing all manifestations of severe intoxication of the body, the question may arise of introducing flumazenil, an active antagonist of benzodiazepine receptors. All reanimating measures are carried out in a hospital environment, because the inhibition of this group of receptors can provoke various deviations of the neurological nature. For example, convulsions, which are especially dangerous for patients with epileptic seizures in the anamnesis.

To resuscitation measures do not connect hemodialysis, because it is not able to help in the withdrawal of excess zolpidem from the body of the patient.