Chemical medicines for the treatment of insomnia – Ambien

Many people have symptoms of insomnia are very familiar. Complaints received at the partial or complete lack of sleep. The causes of this disease may serve as episodes of pain and fatigue, and excitement. And that’s just the main causes of their great variety.

Often this state is tormented man for a very long time, on average, about a month.

Of course, if no treatment is indispensable. But some drugs prescribed by a doctor?

How long do they need to take? What are the cure for insomnia for seniors? All these questions disturb inhabitant, only exacerbating the condition and delaying his recovery.

Representatives of this group – the most effective pills for insomnia. Unlike previous generation drugs, use them without doctor’s prescription is prohibited.

High efficiency is based on the action of various chemical components that may cause not only a severe allergic reaction, but also damage many organs and body systems. Take them with caution.

Instructions for use of generic Ambien

The drug is taken orally. Treatment of sleep disorders with generic Ambien, administered after a complete clinical examination, for diagnosis of possible somatic diseases causing insomnia.

If you buy ambien online and within 10 days of the drug intake positive effect is observed one should be suspected somatic origin of insomnia. When the cognitive deficits and worsening of insomnia should be suspected pathology of the psychic sphere.

Begin taking Ambien zolpidem with minimal therapeutic dose, which is associated with dose-dependent expression of the side effects of Ambien. For the prevention of anterograde amnesia, sleep after taking Ambien should be at least 8 hours. If for any reason the patient can not afford to sleep as much time he should stop using Ambien zolpidem.

It is necessary in the near future to go to sleep, as the effect comes quickly. Otherwise, development of anterograde amnesia is possible.

Stop taking the drug should be gradual, in order to avoid the development of abstinence syndrome.

During the therapy with cheap Ambien, in order to avoid additive effects on the central nervous system, it is necessary to refrain from taking alcohol, ethanol-containing drugs.
People ordering ambien without prescription and working with potentially dangerous devices (drivers, machinists, etc.), at the time of Ambien therapy, should be removed from work.


Symptoms of an overdose of imidazopyridine derivatives are as follows:
Changes in consciousness from drowsiness to superficial coma;
With the combination of Ambien with drugs depressing the central nervous system, the symptoms of an overdose are significantly more severe, and there is a risk of death.

Treatment of cheap Ambien overdose:

The induction of vomiting or gastric lavage is possible provided that the patient is conscious.
Use of enterosorbents;
Monitoring the activity of vital organs (control of blood pressure, palpitation, breathing, consciousness);
Symptomatic treatment of possible manifestations;
In conditions of inpatient treatment, and the possibility of intensive therapy, the use of an antidote – flumazenil (with the introduction of a risk of a convulsive syndrome) is permissible;
In connection with the rapid distribution of Ambien in the tissues of the body, the conduct of hemodialysis will not be effective.