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PRESCRIPTION: Ambien is under the medicine category “hypnotics or sedative” or plainly speaking, sleeping medicines that have effects to the Central Nervous System (CNS). It is closely associated to the family of drugs called benzodiazepines.

This medicine affects the chemicals in the brain that cause insomnia. This drug causes muscle relaxation, sedation and has anti-anxiety properties. Ambien has more sedative effect so it helps stimulate sleep and initiate relaxation.

Ambien is used as a sleeping pill to treat different types of insomnia or sleeping disorder. These sleeping problems include difficulty in falling asleep, waking up too early in the morning, and waking up often at night. It helps patients to sleep faster and help them stay asleep longer.

Available dosages of Ambien pills are only 5mg and 10mg.

PROPER USE OF AMBIEN: Use Ambien only when directed by your doctor. Don’t take this medicine longer or more often if not ordered by your doctor.

If you take this medicine more often than prescribed, you will be addicted to this drug (mental or physical dependent).

Take Ambien just before going to bed, when you are ready to go to sleep. This medicine works very quickly to put you to sleep.

Don’t take this medicine if you don’t have time to get 7-8hours of sleep.

Because if you don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep you may continue feeling drowsy and experience some memory problems, for the reason that the effects of the medicine have not yet subsided.

Ambien can be taken with or without food. It will effectively work faster if you will take it on an empty stomach.

But if your doctor directed you to take the medicine in a certain way, then you have to exactly follow the directions.