Is Ambien a new generation of sleeping pills that can cope with insomnia?

Ambien refers to the 3rd generation of hypnotics and is an imidazopyridine derivative.

High selectivity of action favorably distinguishes it from hypnotic benzodiazepine series and, combined with pharmacokinetic characteristics, almost brings to “ideal sleeping pills”.

Shortens the time of falling asleep, reducing the number of nocturnal awakenings, increasing the duration of sleep and improving its quality. If there is a violation of the structure of sleep, cheap Ambien contributes to its recovery.

Ambien has the property, is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, which contributes to a more rapid onset of the effect (after 11-30 minutes), in connection with which it is desirable to buy ambien online and take it just before bedtime.

When buy ambien online and prescribing a hypnotic, it is necessary to take into account the patient’s lifestyle. If his activity requires an increased concentration of attention, a high reaction rate, it is necessary to prescribe a drug that has the properties to be quickly excreted from the body and does not have a day after effect.

This is just one of the benefits of Ambien, since the elimination half-life is 2.5 hours, but a high concentration of the substance in the blood is maintained for 8 hours.

Appointed Ambien zolpidem with episodic insomnia, associated with emotional stress, changing time zones, changing the mode of work, illness of a family member. Also, quite often, sleep disturbance occurs in patients in a hospital setting. In such cases, the recommended dose of Ambien is 10 mg per day, for 1-3 days to 2-3x weeks.

In order to minimize the possibility of developing anterograde amnesia and other undesirable effects, zolpidem is taken only if it is possible to provide 7-8 hours of sleep after its application. For a faster onset of sleep, zolpidem should be taken on an empty stomach. Usually appoint a dose of 10 mg orally before bedtime. The maximum daily intake for adults is up to 20 mg.

Weak patients, patients with impaired liver or kidney function, elderly people are prescribed in a reduced initial dose of 5 mg at bedtime, taking into account individual tolerability dose adjusted.

Ambien zolpidem has a minimum of side effects.

Their frequency is only slightly higher than the side effects that occur with the use of placebo if you order ambien without prescription. Most often there is dizziness, impaired coordination of movements and headache. Used with caution in patients with respiratory failure.

Special instructions

If insomnia continues after 7-10 days of treatment, it can be assumed that there is a primary mental or physical illness.

During treatment, you must refrain from drinking alcohol. It is necessary to refrain from carrying out potentially hazardous activities, as well as work requiring increased attention and quick reaction.

To prevent the development of withdrawal syndrome, the use of generic Ambien is stopped, gradually reducing the dose.

With age, the duration of sleep is reduced, and the number of somatic diseases is steadily increasing. Therefore, a separate problem is the appointment of sleeping pills for elderly people suffering from chronic insomnia.

These people take hypnotics daily for a long time, and in this case, the main goal of the doctor, is the selection of the safest drug. Generic Ambien is also effective in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

For elderly people, the dose should be reduced to 5 mg per day, but the duration of the drug should not exceed 4 weeks. By prescribing and typing a prescription, the doctor should remember that his main task is not to allow turning a sleeping pill into a way of solving life problems.