Ambien – a drug from the group of hypnotics

Consider its instructions for use

What is Ambien composition and form?

The drug is produced in tablets, they present other than the secondary connections and the active substance zolpidem is represented in an amount 10 milligrams.

Tablets sold on prescription. They can be stored for three years from the date of issue, after which their further use is recommended to refuse. It is impossible to medication taken advantage of children, respectively, it is necessary to clean the inaccessible place.

What is Ambien action?

The drug Ambien possesses sedative effect, a drug refers to the group of so-called imidazopyridines. If you buy Ambien online remember that it has sedative effects, a stimulant effect on the benzodiazepine receptors, shortens the period of sleep, reduces nocturnal awakening, moreover, increases the duration of sleep, as well as improving its quality. The sleepiness causes during the day.

The active ingredient of Ambien zolpidem is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. maximum concentration ranging from thirty minutes to three hours. Bioavailability does not exceed 70%. Binding proteins – 92%. Is metabolized with production of three metabolites in an inactive form that the kidneys and the chair.

What are the indications for use of cheap Ambien?

The drug Ambien shown for use in sleep disorders, in particular, in the complicated process of falling asleep, and also at night awakenings.

What are the contraindications to the use of Ambien zolpidem?

Enumerate the point where medication Ambien is contraindicated for use:
• Do not prescribe medication under eighteen years of age;
• When the respiratory and liver failure;
• When lactation;
• When nocturnal respiratory arrest;
• During pregnancy;
• When malabsorption syndrome, hereditary with lactose intolerance;
• When hypersensitivity to the drug substance.

Be wary to buy Ambien online is used in myasthenia gravis, when depressed, alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as other dependencies.

What Ambien application and dosage?

Ambien tablet is administered orally in an amount ten milligrams just before bedtime, squeezed drug small amount of water. In elderly patients, as well as with abnormal liver function medicament is administered at a dose of 5 mg. The maximum daily dose – not more than 10 mg. The therapeutic course should not last more than a month.


When you buy Ambien without prescription the drug overdose Ambien in the patient is disturbed consciousness up to comatose state, moreover, joins the decrease in blood pressure, it is possible respiratory depression.

In this case, in the first hour after drug overdose, it is necessary to provoke vomiting, then the patient should take several tablets of activated carbon, in addition, a patient is carried out necessary set of symptomatic events.

Can serve as an antidote flumazenil, it belongs to antagonists of the so-called benzodiazepine receptors, it should be remembered that when using this tool it is possible the development of seizures, particularly in patients suffering from epilepsy. Dialysis does not give the desired effect.

What are the side effects of generic Ambien?

Ambien tablets are generally well tolerated, but in some cases it is possible the development of side effects, which are manifested in the form of the following symptoms: drowsiness, characterized by a feeling of intoxication, a headache, may be exacerbated insomnia, joins dizziness, hallucinations, irritability, marked nightmares, can be confusion, aggressiveness, irritability, moreover, drug dependency, loss of libido, in old age can not be excluded frequent falls, as well as e gait disturbance.

Among other manifestations of marked disorders of the digestive system, which usually manifests itself loose stools, characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain arises furthermore laboratory determined increase in the activity of the liver enzymes.

Other adverse events: developing muscle weakness, possibly double vision, characterized by fatigue, in addition, on the part of the skin are also possible some of the negative manifestations in the form of itching and rashes, and can also be rash, excessive sweating. In some situations, developing angioedema.

Special instructions

In applying generic Ambien the patient it is possible the development of mental and behavioral adverse events, particularly the risk of developing more than the elderly. If this happens, you should temporarily stop using the drug.

In the application of the tablets in the elderly increases the risk of pronounced miorelaxing, as well as sedation, therefore, the drug is prescribed with caution. During treatment should refrain from transport management.