Ambien – a drug which belongs to a rather large group of hypnotic drugs

What is Ambien action?

The drug has the following properties: a tranquilizing, hypnotic, in addition, sedative, anticonvulsant, and also a muscle relaxant effect. The active substance acts on the CNS receptors, which refer to the so-called macromolecular complex GABA.

The active substance Zolpidem has the ability to reduce the time of falling asleep, as well as the frequency of nocturnal awakenings, in addition, the duration of sleep increases, in addition, the quality of sleep improves. It is worth noting that the addiction to sleeping pills is absent. And this is good!

Zolpidem is fairly quickly absorbed, its maximum concentration occurs two hours after the use of tablets.

The connection with proteins reaches 45%. After repeated appointments of the medicine, its cumulation (accumulation in the body) does not occur. It is excreted in the urine by approximately 80%, the rest – through the intestine.

What are generic Ambien indications for use?

The drug Ambien zolpidem is indicated for use in the treatment of chronic insomnia, moreover, transient, as well as situational, including difficulties with falling asleep and nocturnal awakenings.

What are the contraindications for Ambien zolpidem?

Here is the list of contraindications to buy ambien online:
• Do not use hypnotics in severe myasthenia gravis;
• Up to the age of eighteen;
• With respiratory failure of pronounced nature;
• If there is sleep apnea syndrome;
• With hepatic failure of severe course.
In addition, generic Ambien is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to its components.

What is Ambien use and dosage?

Treatment with a hypnotics should be carried out, as far as possible, for a short time, it should not exceed four weeks. Ambien without prescription is taken before bedtime. With transient insomnia, therapy can last from two to five days, in addition, situational insomnia should be treated two, three weeks.

The duration of treatment for chronic insomnia is determined individually. Usually the recommended dosage is 7.5 milligrams, it should not be exceeded. If the liver is broken, as well as in old age, the drug is prescribed in the amount of 3.75 mg.

Overdose with Ambien

In case of cheap Ambien overdose, the following manifestations may develop in the patient: mainly CNS depression occurs, which is expressed from mild drowsiness to the development of coma, depending on the amount of medication used. In mild cases, there is apathy, confusion may occur, in serious situations – arterial hypotension, respiratory depression is associated.

When buy ambien online and overdose of a hypnotic is given, timely assistance to the victim should be provided, which is expressed in an emergency gastric lavage, after which a set of measures of a symptomatic nature is carried out.

There is an antidote, which is flumazenil. When the patient is in serious condition, they are hospitalized.

What are Side Effects of Ambien?

Sleeping drug Ambien causes a number of side effects that will be expressed by the following symptoms: dizziness, nightmarish dreams, headache, after awakening, there may be residual drowsiness, possible amnesia, irritability, in addition, some confusion, hallucinations, aggressive behavior, depressive state, is characterized by confusion, a possibly depressed mood, as well as a violation of coordination of movements.

In addition to the listed side effects, dyspeptic manifestations may be noted, nausea may accompany, vomiting may sometimes occur, a bitter taste in the oral cavity is characteristic, as well as an increase in the activity of liver transaminases, allergic symptoms in the form of skin rashes and itching, and extremely seldom generic Ambien provokes anaphylactic reactions.

Special instructions

The drug should not be taken during depression, since cheap Ambien medication can mask its symptoms.