Ambien action and indications

Medication Ambien is a medicinal pharmaceutical from a vast group of medicines with a hypnotic effect.

What is Ambien action?

Ambien is a hypnotic drug. Action of Ambien is sedative, miorelaxing, tranquilizing, anticonvulsant. The drug cheap Ambien reduces the period, as well as the frequency of nocturnal awakenings, in addition, affects the increase in the duration of sleep, and also improves the quality of the sleep itself and the awakening process. Addiction to cheap Ambien does not develop during prolonged therapy, up to several weeks.

What are Ambien indications for use?

In the testimony, Ambien zolpidem annotation relates its use in chronic insomnia, including difficulties with falling asleep, and night awakenings.

What are Ambien contraindications to use?

Contra-indications Ambien zolpidem lists such health conditions:
• With diagnosed severe myasthenia gravis;
• Under 18 years of age;
• Severely leaky respiratory failure;
• In pregnancy;
• Hypersensitivity to substances of hypnotics;
• With severe liver damage;
• When breastfeeding.
In addition, do not buy Ambien online with diagnosed apnea syndrome, which occurs during sleep.

What is the use and dosage of Ambien?

Buy Ambien online and use it before bedtime. Usually the recommended dosage of Ambien is 7.5 milligrams, do not exceed it. The medicine is washed down with water without cracking the pill.

What are Ambien side effects?

The use of sleeping pills Ambien leads to the development of a number of side effects. In particular, the patient develops a bitter taste in the mouth, dyspepsia may develop, which is expressed mainly by nausea and dry mouth, in addition, the increase in transaminases in the serum is determined.

The side effects of Ambien without prescription and the CNS are fixed, they are expressed in the possible development of a headache, after awakening, residual drowsiness is observed, amnesia is attached, vertigo is noted. In addition, mental reactions develop in the form of nightmares, irritability is observed, characteristic confusion, hallucinations, aggressiveness are not excluded, confusion of consciousness can be fixed.

In addition, a depressed mood is observed in the patient, movement coordination disorder is noted, a depressive state is characteristic, and inadequate behavior with the phenomena of amnesia (loss of memory) is not ruled out. In addition, allergic reactions develop with itching and rash, angioedema and so on.

Overdose of Ambien

Symptoms of an overdose of generic Ambien: depression of the central nervous system down to a coma, if the amount of medicine was consumed in a significant amount. If a person is conscious, then it is worthwhile as soon as possible to start washing the stomach, after which it is recommended to drink several tablets of activated charcoal to remove from the body a hypnotic drug.

If necessary, the patient is hospitalized, where he undergoes appropriate treatment: normalize the respiratory function, activate the activity of the heart. As an antidote, flumazenil, a drug from the group of antagonists of the so-called benzodiazepine receptors, is commonly used.

Special instructions

When using the drug Ambien, the risk of dependence is minimal. Sharply stopping the use of sleeping pills is not recommended, as this can cause the development of so-called ricochet insomnia, therefore, the dose is reduced gradually.

During the period of application of generic Ambien, alcohol intake is contraindicated for the patient, as well as the state of health may worsen. After using pharmaceuticals, you can not drive vehicles.